6 Signs You’re Addicted to Stress: Psychologist Teaches You How to Remove Drama From Your Life


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I was talking sh*t about my daughter and got caught red-handed. Talk about unnecessary drama.

We've all been there. And according to today’s expert, this type of conflict is causing more stress than you think.

Today, I am joined by Dr. Scott Lyons, a medical doctor, holistic psychologist, and renowned body-based trauma expert. He says there are 6 telltale signs that you’re addicted to stress.

I never considered myself to be a person who is addicted to stress until this conversation.

Dr. Lyons is certified in more healing modalities than you want me to list and has even created his own body-based trauma therapy called Somatic Stress ReleaseTM, taught in over 20 countries.

You and I are digging into the fascinating science, research, and psychology of stress. And more importantly, you are going to get the tools you need to remove it from your life.

Dr. Lyons will explain why we keep ourselves on edge, why we find ourselves picking fights, gossiping, zombie scrolling, and staying in relationships where drama is present.

This is a cycle you need to break. It’s time you slow down and learn:

  • The shocking ways you are addicted to stress
  • How to deal with drama-addicted friends and significant others
  • What zombie scrolling, zoning out in front of the TV, and always being on the go say about you
  • What it means when you always need to be the center of attention
  • What “revving” is and why you need to stop doing it today
  • The 3 ways to break free from a stress addiction

If you’ve read this far, it means you want to feel less stress. I want that for you, too.

That’s why I can’t wait for you to listen and learn how to remove all the unnecessary drama from your life.

Xo, Mel

In this episode:

  • 3:28: What exactly does it mean to be ‘addicted to drama’?
  • 4:56: Here are the 9 external signs you might be addicted to drama.
  • 5:00: If you use these 6 words, you might be addicted to drama.
  • 5:15: Do you feel these two emotions when things are calm?
  • 05:30: Gossiping is a double-edged sword
  • 8:23: How addicts feel inside vs. how they seem to others
  • 10:26: What is a revving reflex?
  • 11:10: Whoa. I had a major lightbulb moment here.
  • 11:50: Addiction to drama is really an expression of trauma.
  • 12:57: Mic drop: We chase our drama to avoid our traumas.
  • 15:15: How are we reclaiming this word ‘drama”?
  • 16:00: The 3 ways drama feels good.
  • 16:12: What is drama exactly?
  • 20:15: Dr. Scott begins to share his own vulnerable story.
  • 21:20: Are you ‘drama bonding’?
  • 23:50: This is why hurt people can’t let go of drama.
  • 27:35: What is dissociation?
  • 28:20: Do these signs feel familiar in your own life?
  • 36:55: Examples of childhood traumas that can create drama addiction.
  • 37:50: Here’s what we did so that our kids felt abandoned.
  • 43:25: How to be in a healthy relationship with someone like this.
  • 48:15: Do this so you don’t get involved in their drama cycle.
  • 51:40: One surprising sign of dissociated tolerance I bet you’ll recognize.
  • 54:00: How the heck does stress give you pain relief?
  • 1:00:20: How do you create boundaries around controlling children?

Resources and go deeper:

Dr. Scott Lyons

  • Check out this website here.
  • Follow him on Instagram here.
  • Catch his wisdom on his YouTube channel here.
  • Be sure to grab his book, Addicted to Drama, here.
  • Check out his course on Somatic Stress Release here.

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