This Teen Cracked the Code on Anxiety and Teaches You How He Did It


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Are you tired of feeling anxious?

Want to know a simple way to boost your confidence?

Do you need better boundaries with your family?

Buckling under the pressure of college applications, a job search, or other big life decisions?

Listeners from around the world have been writing in about these issues,  asking specifically for both Mel’s advice and her 18-year-old son Oakley’s young adult perspective.

This is a fantastic conversation to listen to as a family. It will give you amazing insight into issues you may be facing as well as eye-opening honesty about how the young adults in your life are thinking about these topics.

In this conversation, Mel and Oakley discuss topics like:

  • How to properly support someone you love with anxiety
  • When to know if it’s time to break up with someone
  • If it’s possible to stay friends with an ex
  • How to create boundaries with your family
  • When you should be worried someone is spending too much time alone
  • A really interesting take on gaming
  • Handling the pressure of college applications, divorce, job search, or finding your purpose
  • How to talk to your kid about alcohol: surprising boundaries you can use to protect the ones you love
  • What to do to get someone talking when they are not talking to you
  • Specific advice on building confidence as a young adult
  • Mistakes divorcing parents make
  • How to have a tough conversation with your parents
  • Calming words for someone going through a hard time
  • A short visualization exercise to calm anxiety
  • A fun and free way to get closer to your family
  • A young adult perspective on hazing and bullying and why you should always get your parents involved

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Xo, Mel

In this episode:

  • 1:40: This is why I love having my son, Oakley, on the podcast.
  • 3:20: How to let go of the pressure when your life doesn’t go the way you want.
  • 8:30: You get to set boundaries with family and friends.
  • 11:15: What to do for your kids when you’re going through divorce.
  • 12:30: How you give your kids the space to be their own person.
  • 15:30: I had no idea my son did this every morning.
  • 18:00: How do you talk to your kids about alcohol?
  • 24:00: When do you know it’s time to break up with someone?
  • 25:25: Oakley isn’t into random hookups for these reasons.
  • 26:10: Can you be friends with your ex?
  • 27:10: How to support your siblings throughout your life.
  • 29:13: Have a conversation with your parents when you feel left out.
  • 30:00: How to handle your teen always being in their room.
  • 35:05: Is Oakley single?
  • 36:45: Advice about boosting your confidence at any time in your life.
  • 42:00: As a parent, do you step in when your college kid is being bullied?
  • 45:45: What you need to know when you feel lost and alone.
  • 47:20: How do you support someone with chronic anxiety?
  • 48:25: Meditation strategies to use when you’re feeling anxious.
  • 53:25: Can’t forget the bloopers!

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