How a Stay-at-Home Mom “With No Experience” Built a $255M Business: Blowouts, Divorces, and the Messy Truth


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Want to know what it really takes to launch, build, and sell a $255 million-dollar business in ten years flat? Do you have a good idea, but you think you “have no business being in business”?

In this new episode, Mel sits down with the founder of Drybar, Alli Webb, and takes you on a riveting tour of how a stay-at-home mom who had ‘no business being in business’ made $255 million in 10 years. You’ll hear the entire messy truth and all the hard-won advice, from the exciting start of her business to the disastrous ending of her second marriage.

Alli is a NYT bestselling author, badass businesswoman, co-founder of the iconic brand Drybar, and two other successful companies. Learn about the immense sacrifices she made in her relationships, the shaky financial situations she navigated, and the specific decisions she made as a businesswoman that accelerated the growth of this iconic brand.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

Why your childhood dream job is probably the key to success

How your big idea is right in front of your face

Starting a business starts with you: your idea, your skill set, your purpose, and your gut instinct.

All amazing business ideas share this ONE thing.

Her parents' business advice for her: find a good man.

How to juggle kids while having a side hustle

Why starting a business with your spouse is a bad idea

Why she didn’t call off the wedding (and probably should have)

Why she jumped into her second marriage too soon

The HARSH dating advice Mel delivers to Alli

Why she trusted her business instincts but not in her relationships

How being a hairdresser prepared her to be a CEO

Why she’s sharing the messy truth now

The text she sent Mel at her lowest point

The part of the interview that she “wanted to cut"

Why she names the hairstyles at Drybar after drinks

Her take on imposter syndrome

How to face your fear of failure

How to say ‘f*** it’ and try something new

How to double your productivity and leverage your time

What passion is and why it’s so personal

What she learned from her mistakes

How a business owner is only as good as her team

What not to do when creating a blended family

How she lost herself in her last marriage

How she handles a “no” in business

And a big shoutout to Alli. It’s very easy to talk about your wins; Alli is giving you a huge gift by sharing her personal losses too.

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In this episode:

  • 4:23: Ever felt lost in life and just trying to figure it out? Alli was there, too!
  • 6:30: When you get that itch that your life is meant for something more.
  • 9:08: Do you have a ton of ideas about what you should do?
  • 12:45: Why Dry Bar never had mirrors.
  • 13:45: How do you know when it’s time to grow your business?
  • 15:40: Remember this when you tell yourself your current job doesn’t matter.
  • 18:30: Pay attention to where there’s a need; you may be the one to fill it.
  • 22:00: Not sure what your passion is? Here’s the question I would ask.
  • 26:30: The crazy decision Alli made early on in her business.
  • 29:20: Here’s why you don’t have to know everything up front.
  • 33:40: Alli’s intuition about her marriage told her it was over.
  • 39:45: It’s not unusual for women to feel shame after a divorce.
  • 41:00: Have you ever ignored the warning signs in a relationship?
  • 42:00: What Alli wishes had been different in her second marriage.
  • 44:45: Alli’s advice for someone moving toward marriage.
  • 46:30: My tough love girlfriend advice for Alli.
  • 52:00: I want to applaud Alli for having the courage to show up today.
  • 53:40: And here’s why I want to applaud you. 
  • 54:15: You will only learn what you need to learn when you do this.
  • 55:00: Bloopers!

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