Outsmart a Narcissist: A Proven 4-Step Plan to Take Your Power Back


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Is it possible to be around narcissistic people and not lose your power? Especially when it's your mom, dad, ex, or boss who’s acting toxic?

Today, Mel is joined by Rebecca Zung, an expert on narcissism and a globally recognized high-conflict negotiator. Rebecca is also a top-ranked trial lawyer who has studied narcissism so that she could win against them in the courtroom. She’s written the playbook, SLAY the Bully: How to Negotiate with A Narcissist and Win. 

She is here to make the case that you CAN stay in power no matter how toxic the people are around you. And by following her 4-part plan, you can even win when dealing with narcissism.

In this conversation, Rebecca discusses topics like:

Narcissism: what is it?

The 3 types of narcissism

What a covert passive-aggressive narcissist is

What a malignant narcissist is

What a grandiose narcissist is

The link between narcissism and divorce

The exact phrases that can change the dynamic between you and a narcissist

The top 3 sentences to disarm a narcissist without causing rage

Why “cutting off” a narcissist won’t work

The physical symptoms you can have when dealing with a narcissist

Why being “the victim” is keeping you trapped

What narcissistic supply is and why it is so important

The 2 ways a narcissist gets their “narcissistic supply"

What happens in a narcissistic brain in childhood that flips a switch

The tie between trauma and narcissism

What the 4 non-verbal triggers for any narcissist are

Why a narcissist is just an 8-year-old throwing a tantrum

The reason why a narcissist actually fears you

The definition of love bombing and why it’s so addictive

What the 3 phases of a narcissistic relationship are 

How you can be physiologically addicted to a ‘love bomber’ (it’s as addictive as cocaine)

What narcissistic rage is and why it happens

What your 3 options are in a relationship with a narcissist 

 What happens when you become the focus of narcissistic rage

What those passive-aggressive or back-handed comments mean to a narcissist 

What triangulation is, and how to protect yourself

The biggest myth about narcissists

The real reason why narcissists string you along

The 4-step process to getting your power back from a narcissist

 The $2M apology

 What to do when a narcissist is raging at you

 When it's okay to tell a narcissist what they need to hear 

 The 3 things to stop doing now in a narcissistic relationship

 How to respond to an accusatory email at work

 What you need to know about negotiating with a narcissist

 Why saying “I’m anticipating…” disarms any narcissist 

 The first boundary you need to create with a narcissist

 What to look for as signs that you are dating, engaged to, or married to a narcissist

You can purchase Rebecca’s book, ‘SLAY the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win’, here: https://a.co/d/bLWp5YZ

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In this episode:

  • 01:36: Why “cutting off” a narcissist won’t work.
  • 06:10: What is a narcissist? (It’s not what you think.)
  • 08:21: You need to stand up to the narcissist in your life.
  • 11:58: The 3 types of narcissism look like this.
  • 17:01: This is the scariest type of narcissist.
  • 22:20: What happens in a narcissist brain in childhood that flips a switch?
  • 31:57: This is what “narcissistic blindness” is.
  • 34:50: Narcissists aren’t born; they are made. Here’s the research.
  • 39:34: Do narcissists feel fear?
  • 41:45: The 2 ways a narcissist gets their “narcissistic supply"
  • 48:54: What are the 3 phases of a narcissistic relationship?
  • 50:03: What is love bombing, and how do you detect it?
  • 1:01:04: This is why even the smartest people fall in love with narcissists.
  • 1:07:09: What do those passive-aggressive or back-handed comments mean to a narcissist?
  • 1:08:32: The biggest myth about narcissists
  • 1:14:05: The first boundary you need to create with a narcissist
  • 1:17:01: Why does saying “I’m anticipating..." disarm any narcissist?
  • 1:19:30: Rebecca’s 4-part framework you need to deal with a narcissist
  • 1:29:09: When the rage hits, here is how you can stay in your power.

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