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Do you want more energy?

Are you done with the constant anxiety? Can’t seem to climb out of your funk?

In today’s episode, you’ll learn the exact steps to optimize both your mental and physical health. 

Joining Mel today is Harvard’s Chris Palmer, MD, whose work lies at the intersection of nutrition, metabolism, and mental health. He will explain how he believes your diet is causing your brain to misfire, which is why simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can help you improve your mental health.

Dr. Palmer is a psychiatrist who has practiced at Harvard’s McLean Hospital, the #1 psychiatric hospital in the nation, for almost 30 years. He is also the Founder and Director of the recently launched Metabolic & Mental Health Program at McLean Hospital. 

His innovative approaches to treatment-resistant mental health challenges have brought his patients relief and hope, which is why his waitlist is years long. Today, you’ll learn Dr. Palmer’s exact protocol he shares with his patients in Boston.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What your metabolism is and what it has to do with your mental and physical health.
  • The shocking patient results and personal story that fueled Dr. Palmer’s passion.
  • The 7 signs that you probably have a metabolic disorder.
  • How the Brain Energy protocol could help your mind and body heal
  • The exact tools and action steps that Dr. Palmer shares with his patients for better mental health
  • What mitochondria are and how they are the key to your mental health.
  • How the ketogenic diet was discovered as a medical protocol by doctors
  • How to know if you’re getting enough sleep.
  • What exercise has to do with your mental health.
  • How to help someone in your life who’s struggling with their mental health
  • What you need to hear if you’re the one who needs support.

Dr. Palmer goes deep into the science and his protocols. All additional resources to learn about Dr. Palmer and his science are linked below.


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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • 5:00: What you’ve been told about your mental illness that’s wrong.
  • 8:40: Dr. Palmer’s powerful, personal history with mental illness.
  • 17:00: Dr. Palmer wants you to know this about medications.
  • 18:00: Why Dr. Palmer was almost talked out of being a psychiatrist.
  • 20:30: The breakthrough that changed how Dr. Palmer treated patients. 
  • 27:40: The shocking patient results that fueled Dr. Palmer’s passion.
  • 39:20: Dr. Palmer explains his profound Brain Energy Theory.
  • 41:50: How the heck is metabolism related to mental health?
  • 42:30: What traffic has to do with your health.
  • 47:15: Turns out the factories in your cells control your hormones.
  • 51:30: Your lifestyle choices don’t just affect your body from the neck down.
  • 54:00: The 7 signs that you probably have a metabolic disorder.
  • 57:30: If you have a mental illness, you’re most likely to experience this.
  • 1:05:30: Dr. Palmer tells you what to do to restore your health. 
  • 1:07:20: The ketogenic diet was not designed for long-term weight loss.
  • 1:09:00: An example of what to eat on a ketogenic diet and how you’ll feel. 
  • 1:11:00: How long should you be on a ketogenic diet?
  • 1:15:15: What will exercise look like on this mental health protocol?
  • 1:16:30: How to know if you’re getting enough sleep.
  • 1:20:15: How to help someone you love struggling with depression.
  • 1:23:50: You’re not giving up weed or alcohol; you’re giving up depression.
  • 1:25:00: If you are struggling, hear Dr. Palmer’s message for you.

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