5 Things Only Fake Friends Do & How to Let Go of What No Longer Serves You


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There is one thing you need to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life:

Having the right people around you.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn the surprising reasons why your friends aren’t more supportive and the sneaky ways people are disrespecting you.

In order to find more joy and less stress, you need positive relationships with people that actually cheer you on, that believe in your potential, and that make your life better. 

Today, you’ll learn exactly how to find those people, take your power back, and create more peace in your life. Joining Mel is Trent Shelton. Trent is a bestselling author who is beloved by his 15 million followers for his inspiration and insight, and today he’s sharing that profound wisdom with you.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • 2:00: Harvard study found THESE have the #1 biggest impact on your life.
  • 2:20: Mel’s favorite quote from her friend, Trent Shelton.
  • 5:00: How do you know if your friends are not genuine?
  • 7:40: This one word will reveal the quality of your relationships.
  • 12:45: The first group of people you can’t be friends with.
  • 15:30: The second type of person you want to avoid.
  • 16:50: Ask this question when you’re growing and your friends aren’t.
  • 19:45: The third type of person that will drag your life down.
  • 21:40: This fourth type of person requires a deeper level of consideration.
  • 25:00: Mel admits a big truth about her circle of friends.
  • 29:00: If you’re in your 20’s, listen to this.
  • 31:30: Trent reveals what he did when his mindset was at its lowest.
  • 34:00: The words you need to hear when you don’t feel your purpose.
  • 35:55: How do you pull yourself out of your funk?
  • 38:50: Step #1 when you realize your friends are not for you.
  • 42:30: What to do when a friend didn’t support you when you needed it.
  • 44:00: What to remember when it’s time to say no.
  • 45:30: How do you develop rock solid principles?
  • 47:55: What does it mean to be loyal to your ‘pace’?
  • 52:00: How do you trust yourself and the process when it’s not working?
  • 57:25: What is ‘soul momentum’?
  • 58:05: If you don’t feel your worth, you’re probably doing this.
  • 1:01:00: What do you do when you’ve made mistakes in your past?
  • 1:07:10: Feeling drained by other people? Listen to this.
  • 1:08:10: You’ve never heard this about boundaries.
  • 1:10:30: A 3-step process for setting boundaries.
  • 1:12:15: What to know when you feel you’ve lost your way.
  • 1:13:40: Do this when you’re worried about your kids and their choices.
  • 1:15:10: Struggling with how to find your purpose? This is for you.
  • 1:17:15: If you’re not leaving a toxic relationship, this is probably why.
  • 1:19:15: Living with depression? Mel and Trent were, too. Listen to this.

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