The #1 Neuroscientist: After Listening to This, Your Brain Will Not Be the Same


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Today, you are getting a step-by-step guide on how to change your brain so that it helps you get what you want. 

Joining Mel today is Dr. Tara Swart Bieber, MD, PhD. She has a medical degree from Oxford, a PhD from King's College London, and is a senior lecturer at MIT. 

This #1 neuroscientist will teach you how you can trick your brain into manifesting your goals and desires and use manifesting as a tool for success, happiness, and better health in 4 simple steps. 

She will also share the shocking link between stress and your brain and body. She reveals how stress leaks through the skin, is contagious, and gives you belly fat. 

You’ll also learn the 2 easy ways to reset your nervous system instantly, the 4 foods to eat for better brain health, the science of intuition, and how to use a vision board to achieve your most ambitious goals. 

Class is in session, because after you listen to this, your brain will not be the same.

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In this episode:

  • 5:32: Your brain keeps growing into adulthood. Here’s why.
  • 7:00: 4 simple activities that help your brain thrive.
  • 8:00: How does magnetic desire work in the brain?
  • 11:05: The moment a neuroscientist starts to believe in manifestation.
  • 14:00: Four steps for manifesting your desires, based on research.
  • 20:35: A simple 3-step process to figuring out what you really want.
  • 22:20: The one important step you must take before jumping into action. 
  • 23:50: Dr. Bieber’s favorite app for tracking new habits.
  • 25:25: How to help a friend who keeps dating the wrong people.
  • 28:45: Try this simple exercise today to build your confidence.
  • 33:50: How neuroplasticity works in your brain.
  • 37:10: Who’s more likely to learn how to speak Spanish?
  • 38:30: Have a hard time believing good things happen for you? Listen to this.
  • 41:50: How to pick the right affirmation for you.
  • 45:15: Do this if you keep telling yourself “It’s already been done.”
  • 47:20: The most important part of affirmations.
  • 48:40: How does a neuroscientist start her day?
  • 51:30: Does a vision board actually change your brain?
  • 56:00: What do hormones have to do with manifesting?
  • 58:00: What people get wrong with vision boards.
  • 59:46: Why you should use glue when you’re making a board.
  • 1:01:00: How to tell if you need more magnesium.
  • 1:03:15: Four foods to eat for better brain health.
  • 1:05:50: How to make better decisions.
  • 1:07:40: Not sure how to trust your gut? Listen to this.
  • 1:08:17: Wait. Stress causes belly fat?
  • 1:12:04: Why it’s harder to be creative when you’re stressed.
  • 1:17:17: How to keep other people from stressing you out.
  • 1:22:05: Why you keep resisting change.

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Dr. Tara Swart Bieber

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