How to Balance Your Hormones: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Menopause


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Today, a top menopause doctor is here to give you the science and facts on menopause and hormone replacement therapy that your doctor isn’t telling you.

This episode is a must listen because you’ll learn EXACTLY what to do to feel like yourself again.

Dr. Jen Gunter, MD is known as the internet’s best Ob-Gyn. She is a double board certified, fellowship-trained medical doctor, and a fierce advocate for women’s health. 

She says you deserve science-backed solutions, not fairytales, and she is here to bust through all menopause myths and clear through the misinformation.

You’ll learn:

-The best intervention for menopause symptoms to help you lose weight, sleep better, and stop suffering now

-Should you or a loved one be on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

-Which form of HRT is best?

-Are “bioidentical hormones” better?

After today you will know how to hack your hormones and get your mojo back. 

Bookmark this episode and share it with every single woman in your life, because it’s time to change the paradigm: you do not have to live with symptoms that can be resolved and you do not have to suffer.

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Dr. Jen Gunter, MD:

In this episode:

  • 3:26: If you struggle with menopause, you need to hear this. 
  • 6:37: How long does menopause actually last?
  • 8:02: What “normal” menopause changes look like in the body. 
  • 9:42: There is a positive at the end of menopause – here’s what it is. 
  • 11:14: 3 non-hormonal interventions that will help with menopause symptoms.
  • 12:19: What exercises will help with muscle mass in old age. 
  • 13:21: What is hormone replacement therapy and  what are the different types?
  • 14:15: What makes hormone replacement therapy safe? 
  • 15:32: Is plant-based hormone replacement therapy even a thing?
  • 16:48: What you should ask your doctor about your hormones for the next appointment.  
  • 18:04: Don’t make this ONE menopause mistake. 
  • 21:16: What you need to know about “compounded” hormones. 
  • 26:04: How do you even know what is FDA approved and safe to use?
  • 29:45: The only 2 hormones you need to know about for longevity & vitality. 
  • 31:12: Do you want to see Mel’s hormone replacement therapy patch? 
  • 32:34: What the heck are “pellets” and are they safe to use?
  • 40:34: Does HRT increase the risk of breast cancer? 
  • 43:07: How to know if HRT is a safe option for you? 
  • 45:34: If you are struggling with menopause, you need to hear this. 
  • 49:43: If you wake up with hot flashes here’s what’s going on in your body. 
  • 51:02: What the real reason for brain fog during menopause is. 
  • 53:02: Don’t use menopause to excuse mediocre men!

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