6 Simple Science-Backed Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better


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In today’s episode, you’ll learn 6 simple mind and body hacks that play a huge role in your success, happiness, and health. 

One of the top psychology experts and professors in the world, Dr. Adam Alter, is here to reveal the simple things in your day to day life that influence how you think, feel, and behave. 

Dr. Alter is a New York Times bestselling author and a renowned researcher and professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business. 

He will share his incredible research, including:

-One tiny change that will give you 20 years of your life back (yes, you read that right).

-The exact colors you should wear on a first date, during a big meeting, or when you want to be more influential.

-A simple, free hack that makes you more productive and calmer.

-One common household object that can dramatically change behavior based on where you put it.

-How looking at a screen impacts your body and brain

After listening to today’s episode, you’re going to know how to use these 6 science-backed hacks to make your life better.  

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Dr. Adam Alter, PhD:

In this episode:

  • 2:13: There are unexpected forces that shape how you feel and behave. 
  • 3:42: What the iceberg model is and why it matters. 
  • 6:11: What attention restoration therapy and why you might need it. 
  • 11:11: What colors have to do with your influence. 
  • 13:27: If you want to be a better athlete, this is the color you should wear. 
  • 15:24 The color you should paint your bedroom if you want to feel calm. 
  • 18:57 The surprising impact of mirrors on behavior change.
  • 22:03: Can looking at money really make you less helpful?
  • 24:52: Why do you need to hear running water to feel happier? 
  • 27:39: On average, we can only focus for 10 minutes at a time, here’s why. 
  • 29:22: Are you spending your days wisely? Ask yourself this question. 
  • 32:12: The shocking impact that screens have on our lives. 
  • 36:34: How to change your relationship with your cell phone. 
  • 38:02: Are we all addicted to our screens?
  • 40:38: So, why do we doom scroll on social media for hours?
  • 45:35: 3 ways to replace screen time with something more meaningful. 
  • 47:12: This is the most profound question you can ask yourself. 
  • 50:02: If you feel constantly distracted, it’s because you are. 
  • 54:03: The danger of having no stopping cues with technology. 
  • 57:07: A morning routine that will optimize success and happiness.

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