How to Build Real Confidence: 7 Truths to Unlock Your Authentic Self


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Today, you’ll learn the skill of self-confidence. 

This episode is a masterclass in how to believe in yourself, no matter what obstacles you face. 

Mel will share the 7 truths you need to hear about confidence and the art of being truly yourself.

After listening, you will know exactly what to do to discover your authentic self (at any age), boost your self-esteem, and achieve really cool things.  

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Connect with Mel:

In this episode:

  • 2:24: Want to know Mel’s all time favorite TV show on Netflix? 
  • 3:14: 3 questions you are likely struggling to answer right now. 
  • 4:54: Do you want to find the courage to be authentically yourself? 
  • 6:12: Someone is always going to be disappointed by choices you make. 
  • 8:34: If you are a people-pleaser, you need this ONE piece of advice. 
  • 9:45: Learn to let people down, so you can pick yourself up. 
  • 12:51: Do you feel like you are just going through the motions of life?
  • 14:35: What does being ‘authentically yourself' even mean?
  • 15:38: Why authentic people have smaller social circles. 
  • 17:56: The simple trick to tell if you are working the right job. 
  • 20:07: When do you feel the most energized and expansive?
  • 23:37 The monumental moment where Mel embraced who she really was. 
  • 27:16: The science-backed definition of what confidence really is. 
  • 33:31: In order to have a better relationship, you need to change this. 
  • 37:59: The one habit that will transform your self confidence. 
  • 42:28: If you feel pressure from social media, you are not alone. 
  • 45:45: When was the last time you admired your uniqueness?
  • 49:47: Mel finally answers the #1 question that you ask. 
  • 54:05: 6 months from now, where do you want to be?

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