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Do you want to know the best relationship advice no one has ever told you before? 

In today’s episode, Mel is revealing the one rule about relationships you must know.

There is a game-changing framework that will help any relationship go the distance, and once you hear it, you’ll want to share it with everyone you know. 

It reveals why some relationships fail, and it also gives you the secret to sustaining a strong and successful relationship.

Here to explain this “4 Levels” framework is New York Times bestselling author Matthew Hussey. 

Matthew has been helping people for more than 17 years to feel more confident and in control of their relationships. His YouTube channel is number one in the world for love life advice, with over half a billion views.

By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know when it’s time to let go of a relationship, when it’s worth fighting for, and the 4 habits of all successful relationships.

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In this episode:

  • 2:38: Do you want to feel more confident and in control of your relationships? 
  • 3:48: What the 4 level framework for any relationship is.  
  • 4:56: The level that is the most dangerous level to be stuck in with someone.  
  • 7:47: How to really know if someone is willing to commit to you. 
  • 9:45: How to have the “what is this” conversation with the person you are newly dating. 
  • 11:43: How to calmly communicate what you need in a relationship.
  • 17:10: If you feel resentment and anger in your relationship, listen to this. 
  • 21:03: How Matthew almost messed up his relationship with his wife. 
  • 23:46: When you are getting mixed signals from someone, text them this. 
  • 28:12: What you need to know if someone you love is wasting your time. 
  • 30:35: How to bring up the conversation around wanting kids in a relationship. 
  • 31:52: What Matthew means when he says this is THE hardest conversation you will ever have.
  • 34:07: How to truly understand what you want and what matters to you. 
  • 36:34: Date the person, not their potential. 
  • 39:35: Why love is not all you need for a healthy and long relationship. 
  • 42:34: How to know if you are compatible with someone you are with. 
  • 44:23: What it looks like to value yourself in a relationship.


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