Transform Your Life at Any Moment: The Surprising Science of Happiness


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Today, you’ll learn the surprising science of what creates a meaningful life, based on 8 decades of research.  

This conversation is so profound that you might need to take a second listen. 

Prepare to laugh, cry, and leave feeling empowered to find and create the happiness and connection that you want. 

Because the truth is, you can transform your life at any moment. 

There is nothing more important than this conversation. 

Because by the time you are done listening, you will understand how one tiny step might just change how you think about your entire life. 

Get ready to be blown away by the groundbreaking research and heartwarming stories that will prove just how powerful unexpected connections can truly be. 

And more importantly, how you can start making them today. 

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In this episode:

  • 5:59 How would you live knowing you haven’t met your favorite people yet?
  • 8:40 Do you want to have a more meaningful life? You need to do THIS.
  • 10:29 Harvard professor and MD explains why THESE people are happiest.
  • 11:54 My daughter’s unexpected best friend found backpacking!
  • 16:42 Here’s how to get the momentum you need to find unexpected connections.
  • 20:14 This research proves that you DO enjoy talking to strangers.
  • 23:06 These are my tips for talking to strangers, without being creepy.
  • 28:36 The shocking research around social contagion.
  • 31:09 Get your tissues ready for this unexpected story.
  • 37:28 You are capable of creating THIS incredible phenomenon.
  • 39:13 This 15-year friendship started with an email mix-up.
  • 46:03 Change your perspective on this one thing for a better life. 
  • 47:59 This story proves why unexpected connections are magical.
  • 53:40 How a text about Thanksgiving dinner turned into a lifelong friendship.
  • 58:19 Do this ONE thing today to create meaningful and unexpected connections.


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