Master Class on How To Fix Your Digestive Issues & Gut Health (With a Renowned GI Doctor)


The Mel Robbins Podcast with Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD


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Two-thirds of people have a stomach or gut issue. Do you know exactly what to do to feel better? 

In today’s episode, you’re getting an appointment with one of the most renowned GI doctors in the world. 

She is here today with her step-by-step protocol to help you reset your gut health, beat the bloat, and find more energy today.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD is a renowned gastroenterologist. For two decades, her integrative clinic, Digestive Center for Wellness, has helped patients to help them uncover the root cause of GI disorders. She’s worked at Georgetown Hospital for 27 years and has a deep wealth of knowledge and experience.

She is going to inform you of the simple things that you can do starting today to:

- Have a healthier gut

- Beat the bloat 

- Settle your IBS 

- And address constipation once and for all 

You’ll get her nutritional plan to heal stomach problems and optimize your gut for mental and physical health… and you’ll even learn exactly WHAT your poo should look like (and when you should go to the doctor).

This is THE master class on your gut health, and it’s filled with compelling, tactical, and easy to understand science.

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In this episode:

  • 5:01: You will be SHOCKED when you find out how many people have gut issues.
  • 7:11: If you are dealing with gut issues, listen to this advice.
  • 8:33: This study about gut health has surprising findings about your diet.
  • 10:33: Renowned GI doctor Dr. Robynne reveals what she eats in a day.
  • 12:19: Dr. Robynne’s HOT take on probiotics.
  • 19:45: Three habits you can implement today to build a healthy gut.
  • 25:37: This is why your gut health is SO important.
  • 31:56: The diet Dr. Robynne prescribes to her patients to get them off medication.
  • 33:26: You need to know this about your gut if you’re going through menopause.
  • 40:23: You won’t believe how important the gut-brain connection is.
  • 42:24: The science-backed connection between anxiety and stomach problems.
  • 47:28: Dr. Robynne wants you to throw away these over-the-counter medications.
  • 53:20: How often should you be pooping?
  • 56:35: Three reasons why women’s and men’s gut health differ.
  • 1:03:54: The surprising causes of constipation.
  • 1:09:02: Dr. Robynne’s advice for anyone who has tried everything for constipation.
  • 1:11:23: Why many of us lose our ability to digest this as we get older.
  • 1:18:53: “The Gut Bliss Method,” Dr. Robynne’s 10-day plan for a better gut.
  • 1:22:20: The one thing Dr. Robynne wants you to implement TODAY.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan: 


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