Feel like giving up? Before you say F*** It, listen to this.

Episode 30: The Mel Robbins Podcast


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This is the pep talk you need.

Change is hard.

Which means you’re going to want to quit or give up.

I call those moments F*** It Moments.

Today’s episode is a little different because you’re going to hear me get in someone’s face who is about to throw in the towel on a big goal and a promise that she has made.

When you hear me coach her, it will be like I’m coaching you.

And once you’re done listening, I promise you won’t be saying F*** it, you’ll be saying F*** yes.

Xo Mel 

PS: If you’re frustrated with somebody in your life who keeps calling it quits, let me do the honors and deliver the ass-kicking for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:55: Why I started to cry when it came time to record this episode
  • 6:22: The one stupid thing that sent me spiraling into anxiety
  • 10:40: What Chris told me when I was ready to quit that made all the difference
  • 11:55: What I especially want you to know about you and  these F-It moments
  • 12:50: Listen in as I coach a woman through her own F-It moment
  • 32:15: What triggers most addictive behaviors
  • 35:40: What’s REALLY a F-It moment?
  • 37:55: Why F-It moments are actually good
  • 38:35: How to process your F-It moment 
  • 40:05: One thing I want you to hear loud and clear about screwing up

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