Before You Waste Another Year of Your Life, Get Serious About Healing Your Past


The Mel Robbins Podcast with Lewis Howes


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This is an episode about how to face the things that you’re scared to admit, or as in the case of my guest today, have never publicly spoken about.

Today, you and I are going on a healing journey so that you can put the past where it belongs: in the rearview mirror.

You deserve healing.

It’s the only pathway for experiencing true peace, happiness, and the greatness you’re capable of.

So, I’m introducing you to a friend of mine who had some serious sh*t to face and has spent the last several years addressing the things that used to drag him down.

Do not miss this deeply personal conversation.

It is profound. It is relevant to your life and packed with so much wisdom. And we jump right in. 

There are so many mic-drop moments, it would be hard for me to pick just one, because my guest today was so unguarded and generous.

You may know him, but you’ve never heard him like this before.

I’m talking about Lewis Howes, host of the award-winning podcast, The School of Greatness, which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary and has over 500 million downloads.

His brand new book, The Greatness Mindset, teaches you how to discover your own unique gifts and talents, but more importantly, how to do the work to heal.

And look, this conversation is “unguarded” and covers sensitive topics (particularly perhaps for the men in your life). So if this isn’t for you right now – please skip this episode.

I cannot wait to hear your favorite and most meaningful parts of this unforgettable conversation with Lewis.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 3:00: After all the work he’s done, how does Lewis define greatness?
  • 4:50: If you’re drowning emotionally, here’s what to do.
  • 6:00: One of the most profound ways to start accepting yourself.
  • 8:00: If you were bullied or didn’t do well in school, you’ll relate to this.
  • 13:00: Almost all of us have an identity crisis at some point in our lives.
  • 14:43: Here’s what happens when success never feels fulfilling.
  • 15:40: What does it feel like to be “at peace”?
  • 19:30: Listen to Lewis describe the surprising places he felt his past trauma.
  • 21:00: Here’s how Lewis came to terms with being dyslexic.
  • 23:40: If you haven’t healed trauma, here’s how it can come out in your day to day life.
  • 28:20: Lewis describes the first time he shared his trauma out loud.
  • 37:00: No matter what you do, you don’t feel like you’re enough. Here’s what to do.
  • 37:35: Here’s what’s incredible about seeing your own value.
  • 40:30: Lewis started a podcast when podcasts were not really a thing. This is how it began.
  • 42:30: The wake up moment that led to The School of Greatness.
  • 45:15: Do this when you want to change your career or start a business.
  • 46:30: I love this way of thinking about winning.
  • 48:30: Out of hundreds, this is the interview guest that had the most impact.
  • 50:30: Lewis only found real love after doing this first.
  • 53:00: What does it mean to no longer abandon yourself?
  • 54:00: Most men struggle with this because they were never taught how.
  • 56:30: The powerful words Lewis said at the start of his current relationship.
  • 58:00: The moment in Lewis’ therapy that changed everything.
  • 60:00: The surprising place where Lewis found men who felt emotionally free.

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