Every Tattoo Has a Story: Here’s Mine


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In today’s episode, I’m finally answering the #1 personal question that I get asked:

What’s the story behind my tattoo on my right wrist?

Pull up a seat to laugh along with us as Chris and I share our tattoo adventure - complete with anxiety, jealousy, intention, love, a huge mistake on my part, and the most incredible moments of synchronicity.

But it’s not just a story; there’s a much more profound topic we are discussing today. 

Because tattoos aren’t really about tattoos. 

They are an example of a powerful, positive force that habit researchers call an “environmental trigger.” 

They’re also an example of another tool that you can use to create a more powerful and resilient mindset.

Because a lot of tattoos are also “meaningful mantras.” 

Today, you will learn how to create and use positive triggers and meaningful mantras to improve your life and to remind you of either a deeper purpose or the values you want to live by.

This goes way beyond etching ink onto your body. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll not only be inspired to create your own meaningful mantra, you will have several specific examples of how you can create a positive environmental trigger using things you have around your house. 

One thing’s for sure, this episode will leave a lasting impression. 😄

Xo Mel  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 6:00: So here's what my tattoo says.
  • 8:30: Chris shares his powerful story for the tattoo he etched on his forearm.
  • 12:00: The inspiration for my own tattoo came from this.
  • 15:00: You won’t believe what happened on our 15th wedding anniversary.
  • 18:00: Here’s how I beat myself up while Chris was getting his tattoo.
  • 19:00: You might know this already, but a tattoo isn’t just a tattoo. 
  • 21:00: I just love the synchronicity behind this entire tattoo event.
  • 24:30: Chris’s tattoo has become a lifeline for him, especially now.
  • 30:30: Rule #1: a mantra will only work for you if you have this first.
  • 32:15: Need an idea for your own mantra? I’ve got a bunch of them for you.
  • 34:30: Here’s how to figure out your own powerful mantra.
  • 36:30: This is what scientists think about why tattoos are so powerful.
  • 38:15: Here’s what Chris did that gets him emotional every time he sees it.
  • 41:00: Are you a busy mom? Then this mantra might work for you.
  • 42:40: Maybe you need to shift your thinking about a mantra this way.

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