The Toolkit for Healing Anxiety, Part 2

Episode 57: The Mel Robbins Podcast


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Today’s episode is a continuation of our exclusive two-part series with world-renowned medical expert, Dr. Russell Kennedy.

If you thought Part 1 of this series was life-changing, buckle up! Part 2 of this Toolkit brings you even more strategies and tools as we take questions from three more listeners of the podcast.

Is anxiety impacting your ability to sleep?

Tired of the negative loop of thoughts in your mind?

Is anxiety affecting your kids?

Is it genetic?

Are there surprising signs of adult anxiety?

Did your parents struggle with it, and you never knew?

How do you break generational cycles?

Dr. Kennedy answers these questions and so many more. You’ll also learn what most therapists get "wrong" about anxiety.

You'll find Dr. Kennedy’s approach both revolutionary and effective. As a medical doctor and neuroscientist, he will coach you on the critical difference between "coping” with anxiety and his protocol for "healing" it once and for all.

And for anyone in your life who may be struggling, please share this exclusive series generously; it could provide the life-changing answers and guidance they need to finally heal.

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P.S. And if you haven’t yet listened to The Toolkit for Healing Anxiety, Part 1 then do that as soon as you listen to this one, because you can’t afford to miss out.

P.S.S. This Toolkit for Healing Anxiety is not meant as a replacement for therapy, but if you’ve been seeing a therapist for awhile, forward this series to them for guidance too. It would be great information to include in your sessions.

Xo Mel 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 3:45 What do you do when your anxiety creeps in at night?
  • 6:15: Here’s where most therapeutic approaches get it wrong.
  • 7:15: Use this strategy when you wake up in the night with anxiety.
  • 10:00: Living with social anxiety? Dr. Kennedy explains why.
  • 12:00: This is why you have a hard time slowing down. And me too!
  • 14:30: I couldn’t believe what happened when I started facing my anxiety.
  • 15:45: Cold plunges teach your body to be uncomfortable and still be okay.
  • 17:15: This approach doesn’t eliminate the alarm, and yet you still heal.
  • 20:00: Dr. Kennedy’s #1 tool to move you into rest-and-digest pretty quickly.
  • 21:15: Not sure what your nervous system has to do with anxiety? Listen here.
  • 23:45: Use these two tools to move yourself out of the freeze response. 
  • 30:00: So how do you start breaking the cycle of anxiety in a family?
  • 34:30: For those of us who grew up in the “I’ll give you something to cry about.”
  • 35:00: What are signs that your parents were actually struggling with anxiety?
  • 43:30: Here’s what your life can look like once you heal your alarm.
  • 45:15: Look at your alarm this way, and your mindset towards it changes, too.
  • 49:45: Here’s the neuroscience behind why essential oils help calm your body.
  • 52:00: Dr. Kennedy shares his tips for playing “the right way.”
  • 56:15: Have this where you can see it to remember your partner’s vulnerability. 

And if you missed when Dr. Kennedy joined us the first time, click here!

Resources and go deeper:

  • For Closed Captions: Watch on YouTube and turn on “CC.” For instructions to turn on closed captions, click here.
  • Dr. Russell Kennedy:
  • Learn more about Dr. Kennedy here.
  • Be sure to grab a copy of his book, Anxiety Rx.
  • I love the reminders he posts on Instagram here.
  • Or find him on Facebook here.

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