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In this episode, you’re learning a simple but powerful way to take control of your mindset. 

You need to get serious about your mindset. The way you think and talk to yourself has serious consequences.

Your thoughts become your beliefs.

Your beliefs turn into actions.

Your actions become habits.

And your habits determine who you are and what you achieve in life, or not.

That’s why you need a Mindset Reset.

Imagine if your thoughts were positive, empowering, clear, and encouraging. Imagine if your beliefs inspired the best in you.

If you’re tired of listening to a voice that beats you down, fills you with doubt, and argues against your goals and dreams, it’s time to change your thinking.

Today, you’ll learn how to do it for yourself and start programming a more positive, empowering, and confident mindset.

So pull up a seat as I coach two people through the process.

I’m so confident you’re going to be fired up after listening to this episode that I have a free gift to help you take your current mindset to the next level.

I have a brand new, free, 3-part training called "Take Control with Mel Robbins."

It will provide you with the coaching, structure, and support you need to hit reset, take control, and level up your life.

It features 3 brand-new training videos, two hours of research-backed curriculum taught by me, and a 21-page workbook. Plus you’ll be with hundreds of thousands of other students taking the course for free around the world.

All at zero cost to you. Why? Because you deserve it, and it’s my way of thanking you for being here with me.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why not take advantage of this opportunity? I’ll see you in the course!

Xo Mel 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 5:00: What does your default critical soundtrack sound like in your mind?
  • 7:30: Here’s the mantra I want you to start your day with. 
  • 9:45: This is one of my easiest and favorite tools for dealing with a critical voice.
  • 16:00: This is the #1 hit playlist I want you to put on repeat. 
  • 17:30: Drop this word if you want to improve your relationship with others.
  • 22:30: Work on the most important relationship of all first.
  • 24:15: What if your critics are the voices of your boss, partner, and friends?
  • 26:25: This trauma response is very common when you live in a state of anxiety.
  • 30:15: Here’s why telling yourself that you love yourself doesn’t work for you.
  • 32:00: Yes, your boss may be a douche, but you don’t have to let that ruin you.
  • 35:00: Don’t leave today without taking away this message.

Resources and go deeper:

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