How to Make Hard Choices: Practical Tips for When Sh*t Gets Real


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Oh…sometimes life is a real doozy.

You make all these plans, and boom. You step right into a pile of you-know-what. And then you realize that pile was there all along—you just missed it.

Which brings us to the topic of today’s episode: making hard decisions and moving on from hard relationships.

How do you move forward when… 

You feel so torn about what to do.

You don’t trust yourself.

You’re scared to make the wrong decision.

What’s best for you will impact the people you love.

How do you decide your next big move when everything you worked for evaporates before your eyes? 

How do you stop thinking about your ex, especially when you might bump into them at any moment?

I’ll tell you how.

Pull up a seat and join me because you are going to love the listener, Katrina, who I’m coaching today. Her question was, "Should I stay or should I go?"

By the end of this episode, you’ll not only have the answer to whatever question YOU are grappling with, but you'll also have so many decision-making tools in your back pocket that you’re going to need more pockets.

Today, you’re getting strategies to help you

  • Live your life with no regrets.
  • Keep your cool when you see your ex.
  • Bounce back after rejection.
  • Stop feeling guilty about following your dreams.
  • Make courageous decisions.

The biggest takeaway? Knowing the difference between what’s right for you and the fear that’s keeping you from it

When something is right, even if it’s scary as hell to go for it, you’ll only ever regret not having tried.

Xo Mel 

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:20: Ever been dumped? Then you’ll relate with what Katrina is going through.
  • 4:00: The kind of decisions that change your life don’t happen in your brain.
  • 6:30: When you have a big decision to make, ask yourself this question.
  • 8:15: Holding yourself back because you feel guilty? Listen to this.
  • 11:00: The single biggest quality you want in any partner? It’s always this.
  • 14:00: There are always red flags before a breakup, whether you saw them or not.
  • 16:15: You deserve nothing less than these qualities from your partner.
  • 19:00: Try role playing with a friend to help you get the closure you crave.
  • 23:45: Use this strategy to help you make a weighty decision.
  • 27:40: Takeaway #1: Stop running away. Think of it this way instead.
  • 30:15: Takeaway #2: If you want closure, you have to do these two things.
  • 30:30: Takeaway #3: If you’re going to hold yourself back, own it. Don’t blame others.
  • 31:00: Takeaway #4: You’re making it much harder in your head.
  • 32:00: Takeaway #5: As soon as somebody doesn’t want you, they’re not your person.
  • 33:30: Takeaway #6: Please stop doing this after a breakup.
  • 35:00: Takeaway #7: If it’s not love, it’s a lesson.
  • 35:30: Takeaway #8: Don’t be caught off guard by preparing ahead of time.
  • 37:00: Takeaway #9: You don’t need someone else to feel complete.
  • 38:00: Takeaway #10: Don’t let your fears hold you back.

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