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In this episode, you’re going to learn how to decode body language from one of the world’s leading experts on the topic.

Janine Driver has been trained by the FBI, CIA, and one of the world’s top hostage negotiators.

When a criminal case grabs our attention, every news network calls Janine to analyze body language and critical verbal cues that suspects, politicians, and celebrities are sending so we can tell when somebody is lying.

If you love True Crime, you’re going to love this episode, because it’s a masterclass from an expert who’s spent over three decades decoding body language for law enforcement agencies around the country.

She will teach you which hand gestures indicate that somebody may be lying, why you should grab your chin during a high-level meeting, why you should never shrug your shoulders if you want to be convincing, and the million dollar question that you should ask at the end of every single interview.

If you’re dating, you’ll learn all kinds of  incredible tactics, like why you should never sit directly across from someone on a first date. 

This is an incredibly interesting, entertaining, and surprising take on how to build confidence and be smarter about the subconscious signals that other people are sending you all day long. 

Xo Mel 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 3:15: Janine’s early childhood trauma saved her life as a teen.
  • 6:00: So how do you go from being a profiler with the FBI to a body language expert?
  • 9:30: Which three groups of people can read body language really well?
  • 10:00: The hand gesture that says “maybe” even when you’re hearing “yes.”
  • 12:30: Listen for the word “left” when you hear it from someone else.
  • 13:40: How Janine knew Casey Anthony was lying about her daughter’s death.
  • 19:30: What’s your behavioral fingerprint? Here’s how to figure it out.
  • 20:00: What is the best question to ask at the end of an interview?
  • 21:15: How men state what they need versus how women do.
  • 27:00: This is why a shoulder shrug might be a huge clue.
  • 31:40: The power of eye contact, unpacked.
  • 34:15: What the heck is lip locking and what does it mean when someone’s doing it?
  • 36:15: When you’re trying to get the truth out of somebody, use the pause after “don’t”.
  • 37:45: Do this to get your kids to tell you the truth.
  • 42:30: Ever been interrupted by someone in a meeting? Here’s what you do!
  • 47:15: Use this hack to look more confident. 
  • 48:00: Janine tells me what my pointy chin means.
  • 48:45: Know the difference between Clark Kent and Superman, and you’re all set.
  • 52:00: This is the BEST dating advice I’ve heard in a long time.
  • 54:15: Here’s how detail-oriented people drink their water.
  • 56:30: Next time you’re on a date or an email, tilt the coaster. 
  • 58:00: What if you don’t FEEL confident when you use these “non-verbals?”
  • 1:02:00: Why belly buttons matter more than the eyes when reading someone.
  • 1:04:00: Nervous on a date or an interview? This hack releases nervous energy.

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Janine Driver:

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