4 Simple Ways to Stop Giving a Sh*t About What Other People Think of You


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Imagine how liberating it would be to not care about what other people think of you. You’d take more risks. You’d stop holding yourself back. You’d make more money and have more fun. 

That’s what happened to me when I learned the (not-so-subtle) art of not giving a sh*t.

This is the best episode I've done so far.

I mean it. The best.

It’s hilarious. It’s relatable. It’s packed with takeaways and research. It’s entertaining and personal, and yet I still manage to empower you with 4 simple ways to stop caring about what other people think.

Want to know what life looks like when you don’t care?

 I’ll go first.

You’ll hear some outrageous, not-safe-for-work stories about your friend, Mel.

And as you’re laughing at me, I’ll be laughing at me, too. One of the benefits of not caring about what other people think is that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Why? Because you have much more important things to care about.

Xo Mel 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 4:00: Hilarious story of me taking my shirt off at an LA restaurant.
  • 8:30: Christine says you’re not supposed to show up to meetings this way.
  • 14:30: Here’s why wearing ballet flats would have been a failure for me.
  • 16:00: Christine’s profound point about judgment really opened my eyes.
  • 19:00: When you stop worrying about how you look, others around you will too.
  • 23:00: What I think about ugly troll comments so that I can rise above it.
  • 27:00: If you’re part of a gossip loop, here’s what you need to do.
  • 28:00: It’s not normal to wear a child-size space suit in front of your students?
  • 34:00: Jessie could not stop laughing after I did this.
  • 36:00: How can you give honest feedback and not sound like a jerk?
  • 38:00: The wake-up moment for me around relationships. 
  • 38:30: My four rules about how not to give a sh*t about stupid stuff.
  • 48:30: Kendall revealed something to me that I still can’t believe.

Want to learn more about how to be confident? Watch "How to Get Confident, Beat Your Insecurities, and Overcome Fear."

Resources and go deeper:

  • For Closed Captions: Watch on YouTube and turn on “CC.” For instructions to turn on closed captions, click here.
  • UC Davis: Research finds that self-esteem has long-term benefits.
  • Psychology Today: The difference between narcissism and confidence.
  • Inc. Magazine: 7 rules to follow to live a life with no regrets.
  • Forbes: Use it or lose it; the science behind self-confidence.
  • TEDx: Love this talk about confidence from Dr. Ivan Joseph.
  • Time Magazine: Brain science behind why we care about what others think.
  • The Atlantic: How to stop caring about what others think.

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