6 Signs You’re Disconnected From Your Power and How to Get It Back: Life-Changing Advice


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If you feel that something’s missing from your life but have no idea exactly what it is or where to begin looking for it, today’s episode will help you reconnect with your power and find greater meaning in your life.

Dr. Thema Bryant is the current president of the American Psychological Association. She trained at both Duke and Harvard, published multiple best-selling books, and has dedicated decades of her life to researching how we connect with each other by first connecting back to ourselves.

Her work has been so profound for me personally that, right off the bat in this conversation, I get emotional.

Dr. Thema is a national treasure. Her presence and her voice will put you at ease. And she has the unique gift of weaving together psychological strategies for healing with the deeper spiritual cornerstones of faith and trusting in "that which cannot be explained."

In this episode, you’ll learn:

-6 signs that you are disconnected from yourself

-what it means to be "psychologically wandering"

-how to handle people in your life who are chronically irritable and angry

-the surprising signs of "irritable depression"

-the three words to say to yourself before you can begin healing

-why self-care is critical if you are in a toxic workplace (you are more than your labor)

-why you need to stop talking about your significant other and your boss in therapy.

-where to find therapy when you can’t afford it.

You are so much more than a highway for other people to get where they’re going. With Dr. Thema’s wisdom and tactics, you’ll reconnect with yourself and take the wheel on your own incredible journey in life.

Xo Mel 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:45: I got really emotional when I acknowledged how my life used to be.
  • 6:30: 6 powerful signs that you are disconnected from yourself and what that means.
  • 9:00: Even if you’ve never felt it; you can learn to be home with yourself.
  • 11:00: The West African fable that should be required reading for everyone.
  • 16:00: This is the first and most powerful step to your “homecoming.”
  • 22:00: Do people with an attitude actually have depression?
  • 25:20: What is healing, anyway?
  • 27:00: How do we handle people in our lives who are irritable, frustrated, and angry?
  • 30:00: It’s a big mistake if you wait for this before you start your own healing.
  • 36:30: How to know if you need therapy or you need spirituality.
  • 41:00: How do you heal from a lifetime of messaging that you’re not worthy?
  • 44:00: This is how you handle working in a toxic work environment.
  • 48:50: Look to these resources if you can’t afford therapy. 

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Resources and go deeper:

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Dr. Thema Bryant:

  • Learn more about Dr. Thema through her website.
  • Read the book that made me emotional.
  • Listen to her podcast here.
  • Follow her on Instagram here.
  • Or find her on Facebook here.

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