Stop Taking Things So Seriously: A Hilarious Story About Wardrobe Failures, Art Museums, & Having More Fun


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In this episode, you are going to learn the art of having more fun.

I share a hilarious story about a major wardrobe malfunction with you and two podcast crew members.

You’ll laugh along at all the ridiculous details, but the takeaway is serious:

Learning how to laugh at yourself is a superpower, and research says people who have a sense of humor are more respected and are viewed as more confident and intelligent by their peers.

Today you’ll learn: 

  • How having fun in life is an art form
  • How to turn something embarrassing into something hilarious and relatable
  • How humor increases power and status
  • Why it’s important to not take yourself too seriously
  • How to create a bond and change the tone in any social situation
  • Why it’s imperative to never buy a bodysuit that is too small

Seriously? You need to laugh more. Let’s start today.

Xo Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 01:26: The best feeling in the world: taking your bra off at the end of the day
  • 3:52: Chris tells us what the equivalent feeling is for men.
  • 5:33: The major wardrobe failure I had yesterday.
  • 9:23: Pro tip: always test drive a cool outfit before an event (especially if it includes shapewear).
  • 12:09: The worst wedgie that I have ever had. 
  • 14:41: I can’t believe I just admitted this, but don’t we all do this?
  • 19:20: How turning something embarrassing into something hilarious and relatable tightens bonds.
  • 21:18: Let everyone in on the joke, it will change the dynamic.
  • 22:24: My ultimate moment of relief.
  • 26:22: How turning something embarrassing into something hilarious and relatable tightens bonds. 
  • 31:09:Why does Amy do stand-up comedy, and can you develop a sense of humor at any point?
  • 33:52: According to research, the funnier the person, the more respect and power you hold. 
  • 38:08: I invite you to do this one thing: laugh at yourself.

Resources and go deeper:

  • For Closed Captions: Watch on YouTube and turn on “CC.” For instructions to turn on closed captions, click here.

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