5 Things the Men in Your Life Aren’t Telling You but Need to Talk About


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In today’s episode, you will learn the 5 things that men secretly struggle with and how you can open up the conversation to better support them.

I’m proud to introduce you to my husband, Chris, who is the founder of a men's retreat, Soul Degree. He has been leading these retreats for the past 6 years and has worked with everyone from veterans, executives, and first responders to college students.

Chris has incredible insight into the secrets that men keep and the struggles they’re facing alone. 

Hearing Chris unpack these challenges is very compelling. He not only shares insights from leading retreats for 6 years but also from his coaching practice and his work as a death doula. 

Many of the struggles that he witnesses in other men are the exact same struggles that he has worked through as well.

This is an episode every man, boy, or anyone who identifies as male needs to hear, and so do the people that love them.

It’s not just we women who struggle with self-love; everyone struggles with loving themselves. 

If you don’t know what’s going on with the men in your life, let me talk to them and let them know it’s okay.

That’s why I am teaching you how to start loving yourself with a simple habit that you can add to your routine.

Today you’ll learn: 

  • The 5 shocking things that most men in your life are struggling with
  • One habit that has helped hundreds of thousands of people to start showing self-love
  • Why it’s so hard to love yourself and the secret to self-love
  • The science behind why this habit is transformative
  • The profound insight my husband Chris had when he took the 5-day challenge 

Love is not just something you feel; it’s something you must demonstrate.

Xo, Mel

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:25: The 5 shocking things that most men are struggling with
  • 4:57: Do you put others' needs above your own? Do this exercise.
  • 14:24: Why my husband, Chris, thought this habit was ridiculous at first
  • 18:11: When in his life Chris started to feel like a failure
  • 25:24: What all men struggle with
  • 27:48: 50% of people find it impossible to do this.
  • 29:35: What Chris has to say to all the men out there
  • 32:34: The profound insight Chris had when he took the 5-day challenge
  • 37:40: Why I sign off every letter and every episode the way I do
  • 39:06: What you tell yourself every time you do this one habit
  • 41:56: The message from a listener that every skeptic needs to hear
  • 41:44: Why it’s so hard to love yourself
  • 51:50: Why you’re going to want to share this with the men in your life

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