11 Crazy Facts About Laundry, Showering, & Getting the “Little Stuff” Done That Will Make You Laugh (and Prove You’re Doing Better Than You Think)


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In today’s episode, best-selling author and therapist KC Davis answers the question, "How can you be successful in many areas of your life but fall short on getting the laundry, dishes, or grocery shopping done?"

 Which begs the question: why are all the "little tasks" so hard?!

 Because when it’s time to get them done, they don’t "feel" so little.

 KC’s advice, breakthrough ideas, and research will make you realize you’re not the only one who feels like you’re drowning.

And her compassionate, hilarious approach and simple tools will help you take better care of your home and yourself immediately.

 If you’ve ever said:

 Why can’t I get it all done?

Why does everyone else do this without a struggle, and I am FAILING?

I should really have my act together….

All the answers you need are in this episode.

And if you (or someone you love) is having a moment where even taking a shower or brushing your teeth feels like climbing Mount Everest, KC Davis is an angel sent from the heavens to lift you up.

This is one of my favorite conversations of all time. It’s so wide-ranging in topics and deeply relatable, laugh-out-loud funny, poignant, and actionable.

Talking to KC is like having an old friend show up at your house with a mug of tea, a mop, and a casserole you can stick in the fridge.

There are so many life-changing realizations that will restore your sanity—and the functionality of your home—that this is only Part One of your time with KC and me.

Today’s episode will change your entire life. You will learn:

  • A shocking approach to laundry and anything else in life that changes everything. (This one is so goooood!)
  • 3 rules for self-care made simple
  • A 5-step tidying method that will improve your life
  • A genius trick for when the dishes or laundry are piled sky-high
  • KC’s "momentum-building trick" that will make your brain work for you
  • Making relaxation your right, not your reward
  • Leveraging self-compassion as a motivational tool
  • KC’s favorite phrase to say when she feels overwhelmed

My mission today is to prove to you that if you don’t have your sh*t together, you aren’t broken. You’re just like the rest of us- you’re human.  

Get ready to laugh and learn as I confess the details of what a disaster I am at home, as we go step-by-step with instructions and affirmations for an empowering and gentle journey to a functioning space.

Xo, Mel

In this episode:

  • 3:30: Why is it sometimes so hard to do even the small things?
  • 5:30: This is why you feel so much guilt when you’re not getting it all done.
  • 9:15: Your disappointment in yourself goes so much deeper than chores. 
  • 10:30: Here’s what your piles of laundry say about you. OR don’t.
  • 21:30: I confess; this is the only time I’m motivated to do laundry.
  • 23:00: Who knew what a WIN it was every time you make it to the shower?
  • 35:00: Here’s how brushing your teeth can creep up on you in insidious ways.
  • 37:30: Research shows that drowning in shame arrests our psychological functioning.
  • 41:45: Alternatives to showers when you just don’t have it in you.
  • 45:00: How can you make your space calm?
  • 48:00: This reframe of your household chores will change your life.
  • 51:00: Ditch the guilt and shame when you realize you didn’t sign up for this.
  • 52:30: Here’s why emptying the dishwasher is way worse than loading it.
  • 54:00: KC found a system for her laundry and that changed everything.
  • 57:00: Here’s a new way to look at tasks when every task feels monumental.

Resources and go deeper:

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KC Davis

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