Gain Confidence And Erase Self-Doubt:

The High 5 Habit
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Take control of your life with one simple habit. Get the confidence to create your unbelievable life. It all starts with a high five.

Get The Motivation + Courage You Need To Change Your Life:

The 5 Second Rule
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Learn the fastest way to change your life. The 5 Second Rule is a simple tool, backed by research, and it has changed the lives of millions. It will work for you too.

Unlock The Most Powerful Force In The World: You.

The High 5 Daily Journal

The High 5 Daily Journal will help you build a confident mind, body, and spirit with daily prompts, weekly themes, and exercises to help make your dreams a reality.

Slow Down, Power Up, and Get Sh*t Done:

The 5 Second journal

Mel guides you step-by-step through a simple research-backed daily journaling method that will help you become the most productive, confident, and happiest you.

Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game:

Take Control of Your Life
Amazon’s 3rd most read book of 2019
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In times of high anxiety, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed—that changes right now. If you want the tools to break free from fear and live to your fullest potential, this best-selling audiobook is a must-listen.

The Wakeup Call You Need:

Kick Ass With Mel Robbins

Want more out of life? You’re not alone. In this audiobook full of real people coaching sessions, Mel is here to help you with no-bullshit life and business advice that you won’t get anywhere else.

Your Daily Pep Talk From Mel:

Start Here With Mel Robbins
Awarded Best Self-Development title of 2020 on Audible
Named to Audible’s Best of 2020 year-end list

In this series of short audio pep talks, Mel gives you the tools you need to tackle the hardest part: That first step. She’ll lead you down the path to your dreams by helping you build courage, confidence, and a greater understanding of yourself.

Move Into Action Where You Need It Most:

Here’s Exactly What To Do
Audible’s #1 ranked Self-Development podcast

In this series of highly tactical motivational talks, Mel makes it very simple. For each area of your life where you’re stuck, she tells you exactly what to do so you can move into action and start creating positive change.

Get Ahead, Get Paid, And Change Your Work Life:

Work It Out
Named to Audible’s Best of 2019 year-end list
Awarded Best Business title of 2019 on Audible

In this mix of one-on-one career coaching sessions and personal narrative, you’ll laugh, learn, and be inspired to get ahead at work – all while getting more enjoyment out of your life.