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In this episode, we’re attacking procrastination head on – using science.

Just think about how many hours, or heck YEARS, you have wasted thinking about what you needed to do instead of doing it.

That ends today.

This episode is packed with a simple, research-backed method to understanding why you procrastinate (it’s not what you think) and what researchers claim is the best way of tackling it.

I predict this episode will be one of the most shared this year because procrastination kills more dreams than fear ever does.

Take a listen to this episode, and I will give you something priceless in return: more time.

Imagine having hours to move closer to your dreams, hours to spend with your family, hours to move your body or read that novel, or hell, hours to do whatever the hell you want because you deserve it.

In this episode, we cover everything from micro-procrastinating to avoiding the really important stuff. And as always, I am armed with research and simple takeaways that work.

Specifically, you’ll learn 4 critical takeaways to apply to your life immediately, along with a science-backed 3-step technique to break free from your procrastination habit.

Whether you are the captain of procrastination like I used to be, or you are just tired of wasting so much time scrolling on your phone, this toolkit is my zero-cost gift to you. 

Nothing is more important than taking control of your time, so hit play and I’ll lead the way to ending that vicious cycle you feel stuck in.

Don’t procrastinate on listening to this episode. 

You deserve to understand why you're resisting parts of your life so that starting today, you can level up and get more out of it.

Xo Mel 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:55: Why I started to cry when it came time to record this episode
  • 6:22: The one stupid thing that sent me spiraling into anxiety
  • 10:40: What Chris told me when I was ready to quit that made all the difference
  • 11:55: What I especially want you to know about you and  these F-It moments
  • 12:50: Listen in as I coach a woman through her own F-It moment
  • 32:15: What triggers most addictive behaviors
  • 35:40: What’s REALLY a F-It moment?
  • 37:55: Why F-It moments are actually good
  • 38:35: How to process your F-It moment 
  • 40:05: One thing I want you to hear loud and clear about screwing up

Resources and go deeper:

  • For Closed Captions: Watch on YouTube and turn on “CC.” For instructions to turn on closed captions, click here.
  • Want your question answered on the podcast? Submit it here.
  • The 5 Second Rule: my bestselling book which goes deep into procrastination in Chapter 11.
  • To address the root cause of your procrastination, you’ll find my book The High 5 Habit – in particular, Chapter 13 – very helpful.
  • Dr. Timothy Pychyl’s academic profile
  • Dr. Timothy Pychyl’s book, Solving the Procrastination Puzzle
  • Carleton University’s article on Dr. Timothy Pychyl
  • The New York Times: Why you procrastinate has nothing to do with self-control.
  • Dr. Timothy Pychyl article: Is Procrastination a Personality Problem?
  • The Globe And Mail: Good and bad procrastination; how to spot the difference.
  • Association for Psychological Science: the science behind procrastination.
  • Scientific American: The “brain-drain hypothesis” and why just having your phone next to you while you work impacts your focus.
  • Dr. Piers Steel article: “The nature of procrastination: a meta-analytic and theoretical review of quintessential self-regulatory failure”
  • Go deeper into your healing and reduce stress with The Mel Robbins Podcast episode “Take Control of Your Life: A Toolkit For Healing.”

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