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Last week, I learned a really cool trick to help you go with your gut.

I guarantee you’ve never heard gut decisions explained this way before. Because I stumbled upon it in a very random way—while touring colleges with our son Oakley!

We hit 5 schools in 4 days, and over the course of that time, it hit me. Holy smokes, that's the perfect hack for making big decisions.

You can use it anytime you feel torn, uncertain, or scared about how people might feel.

What you’re about to learn is so helpful and memorable, you’ll turn to it over and over again.

This is one of my favorite kinds of episodes, because I’m going to put you right at the scene—the moment I had the epiphany. I’ll give you all the hilarious details, and there’s even a part of the story where, I am embarrassed to say, I acted pretty cringe-worthy.

And that’s not all; as I was taping this episode, two friends chimed in with stories of their own.

So I asked them to jump on the mic and share them with you. Two stories about a moment in their lives that’s so relatable—when they ALMOST didn’t go with their gut and looking back, they’re thankful they did.

Because going with your gut always changes the trajectory of your life. It just does.

That’s why I don’t like the term "trust" your gut.

It’s not about trust. You KNOW your gut is right. You’re just scared to go with it.

So join me, Oakley, and two of my friends. I’m taking you on an entertaining and profound tour today.

Xo Mel 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 3:30: The moment of my junior year in high school that changed my future.
  • 7:00: I am not proud of this mother moment when I lost it.
  • 11:00: The question Oakley asked is what we all do when we give up our power.
  • 14:15: Here’s what a hard no “feels” like for Oakley.
  • 15:45: Do you feel a “yes” in your body like this too?
  • 17:00: What our brilliant tour guide did when he separated parents from students.
  • 20:30: When it comes to big decisions, step away and go on your own tour. 
  • 22:00: Here’s what a “no” and a “yes” usually feels like in your body. 
  • 24:00: You’re going to love Amy’s “next big thing” story and how she just knew.
  • 31:00: We all have an opportunity in our lives to use this powerful tool.
  • 33:00: And if it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would? Listen to this.
  • 33:45: Do you have the courage to do this?
  • 36:30: So what do you do when you hear the NO louder than the YES?
  • 40:30: Jessie literally followed her heart and became her own “tour guide.”
  • 42:30: Stop staying you don't “trust your gut” and start saying this instead.
  • 43:00: Take time to do this EVERY day, but especially when you have a big decision.

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