The Best Years of Your Life Are Ahead of You: A No BS Approach to Feeling Stuck

Episode 66: The Mel Robbins Podcast


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You know what you want and how to start.

But you never make progress.

Here’s my wake up call for you today:

What’s holding you back is never what you think.

Today I am coaching a woman who says:

I can’t make myself do what I need to do. I feel like I’m in quicksand. Every time I try to move…I sink.

She has:

-put on an extra 30 pounds

-left her relationship with herself in the gutter

-no longer does the things that make her happy

-broken promises to herself time and again

I bet you can relate. 

This is a must-listen if you want to: 

be healthier…

go back to school..

find your dream home…

make new friends…

go for that promotion…

write a book…

land your dream job…

But you just can’t make yourself take the actions you need to take.

Stop frustrating yourself by trying to solve the wrong problem. 

Your dreams matter. 

Today you’re learning where to find the right solution.

Pull up a seat for a conversation with a listener like you as we uncover what’s really holding her back. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • 2:15: This metaphor will help you understand why you’re stuck.
  • 6:00: I bet you can relate to Ricki’s story. 
  • 8:15: The bad news that made Ricki’s face drop.
  • 11:30: Here’s why you don’t believe your life will get better.
  • 13:30: What happened to you earlier in your life that broke you?
  • 18:15: Maybe you resist a part of your life because it links to something painful.
  • 21:30: When acute grief turns into chronic, underlying grief.
  • 31:00: You can’t invite love, joy, and connection, if you’re closed to it.
  • 33:15: I get where Ricki is, because I used to close myself off in the same way.
  • 39:30: Here’s my assignment for Ricki that I know she needs to do.
  • 41:00: Give yourself permission to be happy again by connecting to this.
  • 45:00: Here’s why I truly believe the best years of your life are ahead.
  • 46:30: Ricki recorded an incredible update for you and me.

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