Steal This From My Therapist: 2 Steps to Flip a Bad Day Into an Amazing One

Episode 7: The Mel Robbins Podcast


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You know those days when you just feel “off”? Well, last week, both my friend Amy and I were having bad days.

Thankfully, I had just had an appointment with my amazing therapist that morning.

So, as Amy and I started to talk about why we didn’t “feel like ourselves,” I got this crazy idea that maybe we should invite YOU to join us as the conversation started to unfold.

We decided to turn on a recording device and unpack how we were feeling – on the fly.

I need to say: I stole everything you’re about to hear from my therapist Anne, and you should steal it too.

This is way more than just learning how to put on a happy face.

These tools are truly transformational because they help you tap back into the incredible power within you.

This is a very intimate and special episode that unfolds live.

So I’m inviting you right now: pull up a seat at the kitchen table with Amy and me.

Join us. Don’t just listen, but close your eyes and do the exercises with us.

Do not miss out on what happens near the end. It is magical and I certainly did not see it coming.

And I know you’re going to want to see the cowboy boots: don’t worry, they are in the show notes at

Xo Mel


  • Why sometimes you feel “off” even when nothing is wrong
  • Why anxiety hits even when you are riding a high 
  • How to identify where anxiety lives in your body 
  • How your body senses your emotions
  • What temporal and seasonal triggers are
  • How I am replacing “repressing” with “individuating” and why that scares me
  • How trauma as a child becomes triggers as an adult 
  • Why we fall back on old habits that keep us feeling protected 
  • What our 2 states of “being” are 
  • How to not be scared of your “injured self” (and what that even means) 
  • How specific memories can bring peace, presence, and connection
  • How to spot the creative, flow states in your life
  • How to allow yourself to received and be connected 
  • How to notice where you grip onto old habits and patterns 
  • Habits that help you reach a flow state


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