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In this episode, you’ll learn the best expert advice Mel is using right now.

For this one-of-a-kind episode of The Mel Robbins Podcast, Mel hand-picked the top 5 most impactful, insightful, and exciting pieces of advice and rules for life ever shared by her guests. 

Listen as experts give you their best advice that will transform your health, stop anxiety, make you more money, improve your confidence, know when someone is lying to you, and help you live with more meaning and purpose.

This episode is the cheat sheet for the level-up in life you have been looking for.

What should you listen to next? 

You’ll love the full podcast episodes with each of the experts featured today:

Dr. Mark Hyman: “Reset Your Health in 10 Days: Advice From a Renowned MD”

Dr. Luana Marques: “Harvard Professor Says THIS Is the Secret to Success (It’s Not What You Think)” and “Turn Anxiety Into Power: A 3-Step Process to Master Your Emotions From a Harvard Psychologist”

Tiffany Aliche: “5 Rules of Money: How to Make It, Save It, & Be Smarter About It”

Janine Driver: "FBI-Trained Expert Explains How to Read Body Language"

Judie Robbins: "Get Your Sh*t Together: This 85-Year-Old Badass Does More Than You & Me (Steal Her 7 Amazing Secrets)"

For more resources, including links to learn more about each expert on today’s episode, click here for the podcast episode page. 

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In this episode:

  • 05:50: You’re only days away from optimal health 
  • 10:54: The 10 day health reset that will change your life from the inside out
  • 15:44: You are the expert of your own health
  • 21:35: Creating a pause to stop anxiety
  • 30:50: How to create your money list
  • 34:56: Categorizing your expenses using the ABC method
  • 43:22: A hack to make you look more confident 
  • 46:41: How to recognize when someone is lying to you
  • 51:03: An 86-year-old powerhouse’s morning routine that will help you live longer
  • 56:21: What to do when you’re at a point in your life where you’re really lonely
  • 58:50: How do you stay young at heart

Resources and go deeper:

Expert #1: Dr. Mark Hyman

Expert #2: Dr. Luana Marques: 

Expert #3: Tiffany Aliche: 

Expert #4: Janine Driver: 

Expert #5: Judie Robbins: 

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