Why You Care So Much About These 5 Things (and How to Stop)


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Don’t allow your life to be controlled by these 5 things.

In today’s episode, Mel reveals the 5 surprising things that you waste time and energy on right now.

You’ll be surprised by the sneaky things that are holding you back.

Here’s the thing: when you try to control everything, you can't focus on anything that's truly important.

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn the simple shifts that help you make room for the things that really matter.

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Connect with Mel:

In this episode:

  • 02:58: An exciting free gift from Mel to you!
  • 06:27: The first thing you can’t control, but you CAN control if it bothers you.
  • 09:43: What happens to your brain when you do things you don’t want to do.
  • 12:01: The second thing you try to control ends up wasting your time.
  • 13:06: How to reframe lost time as found time.
  • 19:46: The third thing you’ll never be able to control, but you can control how much space you allow it to occupy. 
  • 20:30: The precious commodity that you’re giving away for free.
  • 22:34: What researchers have found is happening to people who engage with social media passively. 
  • 27:50: The fourth thing you try to control is holding you back.
  • 29:40: How to move past the things you regret.
  • 30:34: The fifth thing that you can’t control, but you CAN influence it by what you do today. 
  • 31:43: How Mel can predict who you’re going to be six months from now. 
  • 34:10: How you can redirect your energy and time to make your life better.

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